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Last year in Mexico, we were challenged by the Young Challengers to go green for the 7th Edition of the Global Social Business Summit. As agents of change, we could not be more thrilled to announce our efforts to make this event sustainable. Our goal is to make the preparation of the GSBS 2015 transparent so we can share our efforts to place the environment at the heart of the event.


We are happy to announce our new partnership with Caretraders, who will aid our efforts to make this year's conference the most sustainable yet.

With this partnership, we increase our sustainability commitment by offsetting those carbon emissions that are inevitably associated with running the conference.

Caretraders will use the two principles of social responsibility and leadership when calculating the amount of emissions we will offset.

Social responsibility means that the calculations will include emissions not just from the conference itself but also those arising from the social context: traffic lights and other infrastructure on which we rely.

Leadership means that the calculations will be reinforced by 100% in order to set an agenda that focuses on climate action.

Visit CareTraders here.


Making this event inclusive is key to making it successful. Our voices have different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and insights that together create the quality of the content of the GSBS and help us develop social business ideas to produce sustainable change. In a world with inequalities, some of the most important voices are cut out. This is why this year we offer 100€ tickets to participants from Least Developed Countries based on application. We have created a GSBS fund where GSBS participants can support the inclusiveness of this event during their registration.


If you are a social business entrepreneur currently living in a Least Developed Country, you are encouraged to apply for a GSBS 100€ Ticket.

Download the application here. PDF


Impact measurement is high on our agenda. We are determined to foster long-lasting relationships between participants and make the closing of the Summit the beginning of great ideas for social businesses rather than the end of them. Using impact measurement tools for the GSBS will identify the progress of the social business movement, along with our strengths and areas of improvement.


The Grameen Creative Lab is partnering with the University of Marburg to assess the social impact of 7 years of GSBS in an independent research project. The research group will apply a mixed-methods approach gathering both qualitative and quantitative data. The following sub-questions guide the research:

  • What is the significance of temporal platforms like the GSBS to promote the exchange of knowledge, collaboration and network creation?
  • What is the qualitative and quantitative impact of 7 years of GSBS?
  • How can organizations like the GCL contribute to the global spread of Social Business?

The research is conducted as part of the project seminar on “Social Business and Social Innovation: Actors and development dynamics of alternative economic models”. It is an optional course open for students of geography, international development studies and economics who are interested in the Yunus Social Business Model. It will last for two semesters and end in July 2016 with around 30 students actively participating in the project. On 13th of October 2015 the new academic semester started and a kick-off meeting took place to present the aim of the seminar and provide an overview of the upcoming year. The Grameen Creative Lab presented again the concept of social business and illustrated its functioning on specific case studies. Later then students had the chance to pose questions and decide which research methodology they prefer. A group of 9 students was selected who will take part at the GSBS in Berlin in order to conduct interviews with participants at the summit.

The Grameen Creative Lab sees this pilot project as great opportunity to not only learn more about GSBS participants, their collaboration and initiatives but also to active engage young students with the topic of Social Business. The project seminar is led by Prof. Dr. Simone Strambach, Head of Geography of Services, Communication & Innovation.

If you want to contribute or have suggestions, contact us at academia@grameencl.com.


E-180 stems from the hard-held belief that all humans possess the power to develop their full potential autonomously, with a little help from their community. They believe that education is a relationship, not an institution, and that one hour of our time may change another person’s life. Their mission is to promote these values by helping fellow humans share knowledge and connect with each other. And we believe this is how humans achieve impact: by connecting to each other.

At conferences, E-180 works to transform events into peer-learning communities, using both their matchmaking technology and the onsite presence of their professional matchmakers. Nothing is left to chance, they ensure that participants meet and share knowledge with the right people through YY Knowledge Dates.

Learn how to find your YY ConneXions and book your YY Knowledge Dates here.


November 11th, 2015

The Global Social Business Summit 2015 - in Berlin, Germany - has come to a bittersweet end. We thank all those who supported us throughout the process; all those who participated in the event; and all those who helped to spread the YY Spirit of the Social Business Movement in the days leading up to - and during - the event.

We can't wait to see all of you in China for the Global Social Business Summit 2016.

Find a selection of photos from the three days of the #GSBS2015 here.



6 Years of GSBS


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On our website you can find the latest version of the agenda, session topics & speakers for the Global Social Business Summit 2015, The program is preliminary and subject to change. Stay tuned for the next updates!


Getting Around

The main venue for the Global Social Business Summit 2015 is the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany.