Monday, 13 July 2015

from uganda to germany: solving social challenges with brick-making

On Friday, July 10th 2015, a diverse group of twenty had the firsthand opportunity to use the MeisterBricks machine – a recent innovation from Uganda – to build Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks (ISSB) during a special workshop session at the beautiful outdoor site of Schloss Freudenberg in Wiesbaden, Germany. The MeisterBricks machine, a joint creation by Moses Kiiza and Moses Musaazi (a.k.a. Moses & Moses), is a revolutionary solution to the traditional clay brick-making production process still widely used in many African countries.

Following the MeisterBrick machine’s journey from Uganda to Germany, the team of the Grameen Creative Lab, teachers and students from Germany’s Hochschule Rhein-Main, as well as members of the Social Business community, – in collaboration with Sabine Holtkamp and Moses Kiiza from Go Smile Uganda – were collectively challenged during Friday’s brick-making session. With a lot of strength and teamwork, members of the workshop created a collective YY symbol in solidarity with Professor Yunus’ Social Business movement.


Why a new solution to brick-making? 

The production of traditional clay bricks is extremely unsustainable in many ways. The clay bricks are constantly fired by wood for 96 hours straight, burning precious resources from nearby forests. The bricks then need to cure for several days before use – and are often uneven and inconsistent when dry. Effectively, the production of clay bricks is highly time and labor-intensive, and represents a financial burden to rural populations due to the high amount of resources used.

On the other hand, the MeisterBricks machine produces even, twice as big and consistent Interlocking Stabilized Soil bricks which are made of sand, soil, cement and water through compression. They require no electricity, nor heat, and produce 80% stronger bricks than the traditional system. Also, an experienced brick-maker can produce 1 brick a minute and the production can be done by only 2 people at one time. Additionally, the bricks require only approximately 4 hours to cure before use. The result of the MeisterBricks production process show that 3000 ISSBs save 10 tonnes of trees in comparison with their traditional counterparts – concluding that the MeisterBricks machine offers a much more environmentally-friendly solution to brick-making.


MeisterBricks at the Global Social Business Summit

All this considered, our current goal is to aid in the expansion of the MeisterBricks machine to as many communities as possible in Africa, as well as to other regions – where it is sure to revolutionize the nature of building in many local communities.

Both the YY symbol built during Friday’s workshop and the machine itself will be featured at the Global Social Business Summit, where participants will have a chance to build their own MeisterBricks Interlocking Stabilized Soil bricks in an interactive workshop.

MeisterBricks’ own innovator, Moses Musaazi, will also be present at the Summit as a speaker! 

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November 11th, 2015

The Global Social Business Summit 2015 - in Berlin, Germany - has come to a bittersweet end. We thank all those who supported us throughout the process; all those who participated in the event; and all those who helped to spread the YY Spirit of the Social Business Movement in the days leading up to - and during - the event.

We can't wait to see all of you in China for the Global Social Business Summit 2016.

Find a selection of photos from the three days of the #GSBS2015 here.



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On our website you can find the latest version of the agenda, session topics & speakers for the Global Social Business Summit 2015, The program is preliminary and subject to change. Stay tuned for the next updates!


Getting Around

The main venue for the Global Social Business Summit 2015 is the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany.