SOCIAL BUSINESS CASE 1 - How to transform an NPO into a Social Business? – based on the model of buntkickTgut

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Workshop Description

buntkicktgut –intercultural football leagues: Perspectives for refugees & migrants? Impact-driven international scaling of a successful model!

First, we will provide a short introduction into the case study of buntkicktgut. The organization has an impressive track record in working with youth concerning motivation, self-esteem, responsibility and other social indicators. A model that is also highly successful working with refugees and recently immigrated young people.

Buntkicktgut went through a complex scaling strategy in Germany and is now on the threshold to scale internationally. In that respect we focus on a blueprint that brought the intercultural football league and the pedagogical model to the African country of Togo. In this context we want to explore following pressing questions:

  1. What does the optimal organizational structure look like?
  2. How can country members find their independent financing model?
  3. What are the criteria for an optimal awareness strategy?
  4. Should the Franchiser receive a fee and if yes, how to calculate it?
  5. How could the licensing model look like?

Since this strategy is an ongoing process we like to tap into the ideas and problem-solving competence in the room to work in groups 

We believe in co-creation i.e. use the competences and skills that are present in the audience to jointly develop good results. We would like to welcome participants with diverse backgrounds and working in different fields since we believe, this exchange will increase the quality of the work.

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Level Expert


Date Thursday, November 5
Time 02:00 - 04:15pm

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Workshop Host & Co-Host(s)

  Saskia Bruysten Andreas Rickert Speaker Heid

Christina Hunn
Program Manager Qualification, Social Entrepreneurship Akademie, Munich

Dr. Dominik B. Domnik
Head of Financing, Social Entrepreneurship Akademie, Munich

Rüdiger Heid
Founder buntkicktgut


November 11th, 2015

The Global Social Business Summit 2015 - in Berlin, Germany - has come to a bittersweet end. We thank all those who supported us throughout the process; all those who participated in the event; and all those who helped to spread the YY Spirit of the Social Business Movement in the days leading up to - and during - the event.

We can't wait to see all of you in China for the Global Social Business Summit 2016.

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